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About Our Amsterdam Handpan

We are proud of our own creation: The Mokum Pan, built by Handpan Studio Amsterdam

Born out of love and drive.

Just as Deniz and Joris met at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, their paths crossed that of Kris during their street performances. Kris, a passionate violinist, dedicated his life to playing his instrument.

After years of collaborating with the guys at Handpan Studio, Kris decided to pick up the hammer and start making handpans himself. Since 2017, with dedication and hard work, they have achieved the Boutique Series quality we know today. It was a logical step to move the collaboration of these three gentlemen from Museumplein to Amsterdam North, to the NDSM Wharf, where they all got their studios. Just steps away from Handpan Studio, where all classes and orientations took place, was also the workshop.

The close collaboration between the three men, whose passion and love always revolved around the same instrument on the street, now continued under the name of Handpan Studio.


Unique sound

Pride is a feeling we cannot hide when we think of the Mokum Pan! As professional handpanists, we have a keen ear for handpans, and we dare say that each instrument we make has a unique sound.

“We forge each instrument with attention to the smallest detail until we achieve the desired quality we strive for.”


If you’ve already done some research, you’ve probably been preoccupied with questions such as: What are the characteristics of different keys? Should I go for a handpan with low notes, or rather one with high notes? And what’s the story with those nuts at the bottom? These questions are very common when you enter the world of handpan as a beginner! With nearly 10 years of experience as professional hand pianists and teachers, we can offer you the right guidance in choosing your future instrument. This is perhaps the most beautiful aspect of our work.

Handpan 23 04 2020 9

Welke handpan past bij jou?

Are you interested in an authentic Amsterdam Mokum Pan and want to discover which hand pan suits you? We are happy to help! Choosing a handpan is done by listening, but mostly by feeling.

The Mokum Pan!

Take a look inside Kris’ studio and discover how the handpan is made. This video is a nice concise documentation of the construction process of our Boutique Series. Enjoy!

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