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David Gemser | Eastern Division & Workshop Host

David grew up in the eastern part of the Netherlands (Twente) until he was 19. By now he has been living in the Arnhem-Nijmegen area for 35 years. David is known as an inventive, creative, active and entrepreneurial person. With 20 years of experience as an independent care entrepreneur, he runs his own family home/care farm called “Woonboerderij De Deel” in Gendt. His commitment is to connection and substantial contact, contributing to giving and receiving love and peace through organizing parties and activities, both small and large.

Making music is a daily activity for David from which he derives great joy. From childhood to the present, drumming has been his main instrument. As a drummer, he is still active in the same formation with which he has played for thirty years, an extraordinary and remarkable fact.

Self-taught, guided by watching, listening and doing, David has become increasingly fascinated and inspired in recent years by hearing, feeling and creating sounds. He is particularly fascinated by the awareness of the impact of sounds on humans and animals in our universe. Playing a hand pan, singing bowls and various other instruments has enriched his life. He is currently training as a singing bowl practitioner, where giving singing bowls, massages, meditations, healing and sound baths is a wonderful addition to his life.


David Gemser | Eastern Division & Workshop Host

Four questions to better understand David’s passion for the handpan!

What makes the handpan so special to you?

For me, the handpan is an extraordinary tool that gives me inner peace and calmness. As soon as I play it, I feel “senang,” and it allows me to merge dynamics into sounds without ever hurting my ears. Each time I see playing the hand pan as an adventure and a challenge to get the best out of myself and my pans.

What do you enjoy most about working at Handpan Studio? The best thing about working at Handpan Studio is the positive energy I experience every time. The connection, warmth and loving connection in this environment allow for genuine and substantial contact, something I cherish. Making choices in growing and learning to play the instrument feels good and contributes to my personal development. Supporting, guiding, inspiring and motivating others always gives me positive energy

What is your fondest memory of the handpan? One of my most special memories of the instrument is winning a handpan at the first Dutch Handpan Festival. I marvel again and again at the impact the instrument has on me and others when it can be heard and seen.

What do you want to achieve with the work you deliver with Handpan Studio? With Handpan Studio, my ambition is to contribute to a loving and peaceful life for all. I see Handpan Studio Amsterdam as a place where anyone may experience this. My goal is to give the handpan worldwide the attention it deserves: love and magic.