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Deniz Kavafoglu MSc | Co-Founder Handpan Studio Amsterdam

Despite his Master of Science degree from the University of Amsterdam, his life revolves around the handpan and Handpan Studio Amsterdam. The love for the instrument comes alive in his energetic playing and compelling grooves. In addition to playing the handpan, he enjoys organizing events that bring music lovers together, such as music nights at the studio and the Dutch Handpan Festival.

Deniz has given impressive performances at iconic venues such as Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Paleis op deDam, the Prince Claus Fund, Tomorrowland and other festivals. His versatility also extends to electronic music production, in which he pursues his passion for music.

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Deniz Kavafoglu MSc | Co-Founder Handpan Studio Amsterdam

Four questions to get to know Deniz a little better!
1: Why is the handpan so special to you?
The handpan is a special instrument for me because from the very first
moment brought peace and joy. Even after ten years, I still play with it with
the same fascination. The ease of use is fantastic; you can start right away without
know music theory and it sounds good right away. At the same time, you can make it so
challenging as you like. Sometimes I practice for hours a day, and at other times I enjoy
I just make the most of every five minutes I have.

2: What do you enjoy most about working at Handpan Studio?
The best part of my work is being able to introduce others to this wonderful
instrument. People often find it exciting to spend a lot of money at once, so
I take pride in the fact that at Handpan Studio, we offer a low-key experience. Your
can take a workshop first, then rent, and if you really like it, you can go without too
much stress making the investment for your own handpan. We receive many positive
messages from clients, and it is an honor to be able to bring music into people’s lives.

3: What is your most special memory of the instrument?
My most special performance was at the Palace on Dam Square, in front of the king and the
Prince Claus Fund. Together with my best friend Joris and an exceptionally good guitarist and friend, Onur Kaletas, we played there. I will never forget that; such a beautiful venue and the privilege of playing the theme song while the
royal family entered. Fantastic.

4: What do you want to achieve with Handpan Studio?
Our goal is to help as many people as possible bring music into their lives, not
only by listening, but also by playing yourself. We are already well on our way, and in 2024
we set our sights on Europe. We also plan to release our own music.
bring. Sometimes that gets forgotten in between all the work, but making
of music remains our greatest passion.

Deniz Kavafoglu at Amsterdam’s Winter Vondelpark