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Edwin Meiners | Workshop Host & Soundhealing Facilitator

Biography Edwin Meiners:
Edwin Meiners, music is a common thread in his life. Music got him where he is today. Edwin first played guitar, but when the handpan came into his life in late 2020, a world opened up for him. He started exploring this magical instrument himself, playing it and has been sold on the handpan ever since. His love and passion for this beautiful instrument radiates from him. Edwin is therefore eager to share this passion so that others can experience it as well. In addition to the handpan, Edwin has further developed himself in the world of Sound Healing, where various instruments are used such as singing bowls, gong and of course the handpan. Edwin is a quiet player. He likes to play quiet (meditative) melodies. Through which he tells a story, so to speak, on the handpan that brings you to peace and calm.

Edwin Meiners | Workshop Host & Soundhealing Facilitator

Why is the handpan so special to you?
The Handpan gives me inner peace, calmness, but above all a lot of pleasure. The magical sounds of the handpan continue to enchant me. I play every day to keep developing on the handpan. Because you don’t need a musical background to play the handpan, this makes it the perfect instrument for me. I teach myself things by doing it, the possibilities on the handpan are endless. Day after day, I thoroughly enjoy the handpan. Because since the handpan has been in my life, not a day goes by that I don’t play on it.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Handpan Studio?
The best thing about this work is that I get to share my passion with others. That you see others enjoying this beautiful instrument and can help these people develop further with the handpan in any form. You bring joy to the lives of others. The gratitude is great, when you see or hear that people are excited about the handpan after a workshop and start adding this joy to their lives themselves.

What is your most special memory of the instrument?
After seeing a video of the handpan, at first I didn’t believe that all that was just from the handpan. After an introductory workshop I was even more enthusiastic, only I didn’t get such a nice sound out of it right away. The best experience remains that I came home with a handpan, was very relaxed in my own environment, started playing on it and there were my 1st beautiful sounds. The smile on my face spoke volumes. That smile hasn’t gone away since.

What do you want to accomplish with the Handpan Studio?
Communicating to people what music does to you so that more people apply it in their daily lives. Helping people further in this musical world by sharing my passion and knowledge and letting them experience the joy of playing the handpan themselves. Getting people to discover that they have more musicality in them than they themselves sometimes think.