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Joey Derwort | Portugal Department & Workshop Host

About Joey Derwort
After an exuberant childhood in which Joey was active in the pop rock and punk rock scene for a long time in various roles, as a drummer, event organizer, programmer and manager, he had lost his love for live music for a time. A period full of electronic music festivals followed, until he came across the handpan at a festival 5 years ago. This rekindled his need to make his own music.

He had set his intention to find out what this instrument was and take a workshop in it. The universe helped him immediately, because a week later he saw a beginner’s workshop come up, organized by Joris and Deniz (even before the handpan studio existed). He decided to go here, became inspired and good friends. The handpan has been a part of his life ever since.


Joey Derwort | Portugal Department & Workshop Host

A little interview to better understand Joey’s relationship with the handpan!

1: Why is the handpan so special to you?
For me, the handpan brings together inner peace, sensuality and creativity. It is something of
myself that I can keep to myself or share with others.
What used to be difficult sometimes as a drummer was to get the music I had in my head to
translate my band members. I did not understand the language of melody and scales. At home I could
never write music because the drum kit was only loud and rhythmic.
The handpan is tremendously easy to learn to play. The instrument is designed so that you don’t have to
need to have knowledge of music theory, but can still play melodies very quickly or
writing based on intuition.
I can now play on my handpan at home for hours and give my emotions a place in that game.

2: What do you enjoy most about working at Handpan Studio?
Almost all the handpan players I know are loving people. That is the power of the
community in the handpan world. By working with loving people, for loving
people, is a very valuable fact.

3: What is your most special memory of the instrument?
I can remember an evening when I was with a friend on one handpan at the
jamming was. Our relationship was just friendly. We had no idea beforehand
what we were going to do, so we just started pinging. At some point
there came a very nice flow in our game in which we became one together. Time went on but
through and we seemed to forget that we were the ones playing this. We
looked at each other with lots of love. This was a very unexpectedly intimate and connecting
moment. This also makes it the ultimate example for me that playing a handpan is so much
is more than just making music.

4: What do you want to achieve with Handpan Studio?
The handpan is a tool for me to share my inner world with people without
words are needed for that. It invites me to take my place, and show myself. This has also had a positive effect on other areas of my life. I also grant other people this process. Especially anyone who has ever dreamed of making music too, but has always thought “I can’t do that. Because you can! Everyone can play handpan and it will have a positive contribution in more areas of everyone’s life.