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Joris Cohen | Co-founder Handpan Studio

Meet the musical journey of Joris, a handpan artist with a heart full of passion for connecting people through art. For ten years, Joris has enchanted the world with his musical talent. For him, art is not just an expression, but a powerful means of connecting hearts.

Joris has an impressive musical background, having been part of the band Bangladesh and performed on the most prestigious stages. From shining at Fashion Week in Milan to mesmerizing audiences at the Ozora Festival, and even performing several times for members of the royal family on behalf of the Prince Claus Fund.

He currently focuses musically on the duo Panne Dua, which he forms with Deniz Kavafoglu.


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Joris Cohen | Co-founder Handpan Studio

A few questions to get to know Joris better:

Why is the handpan so special to Joris?

For Joris, the handpan is not just another tool; it is a gateway to self-development and opening his heart to the world. It transformed him from a shy person to a powerful individual who loves to express himself artistically.

What does Joris enjoy most about working at Handpan Studio?

The most enjoyable aspect of Joris’ work is connecting people and giving them an instrument that makes their hearts beat faster. His love for this instrument reflects his desire to give others the opportunity to experience the same meaning and joy.

What is Joris’ most special memory of the instrument?

His most special memory includes playing the handpan in Jerusalem at a pilgrimage site, where the music sent people into ecstasy and its impact was unforgettable.

What does Joris want to achieve with Handpan Studio?

With Handpan Studio, Joris nurtures a clear vision: to give people the opportunity to play the handpan in an accessible way. He wants to share this meaningful experience and allow others to discover and embrace the magic of the handpan. 🌟🎶

Joris Cohen - Aba