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Kris – Handpan Builder & Violinist

Kris is an exceptionally talented musician with a deep love of violin playing and improvisation. He began his musical journey on the streets of Amsterdam, where for years he shared his violin sounds with the passing public. However, his artistic journey took an unexpected turn when he discovered his new passion: building hand pans.

Fun fact, Kris doesn’t like cars! In the early stages of the handpan construction process, where the steel still had to be nitrided, he would cycle monthly with 200 steel shells in small loads from Amsterdam to Diemen with his cargo bike, to the company that could complete this process. This dedication is a testament to Kris’ determination and love of craft.

Outside of his love of music and handpans, Kris cherishes his time with his children. In between playing handpan, he finds the greatest joy in spending precious moments with his loved ones.


Kris – Handpan Builder & Violinist

Four questions to get to know Kris better.

Why is the handpan so special to you?

Kris: What makes the handpan so special to me is that anyone can play without having acquired musical knowledge in their life. It is accessible to children and older people, which is what makes music, in my opinion, the most valuable thing in life. This gives more people a chance to be actively involved.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Handpan Studio?

Kris: The best thing about my work at Handpan Studio is creating something magical out of raw materials. Building hand pans allows me to form a work of art that is not only visually appealing, but also produces a mesmerizing sound. It’s great to know that my creations go out into the world and bring people joy.

What is your most special memory of building hand pans?

Kris: A special moment was when I first created a handpan that was in perfect harmony. The feeling of pride and fulfillment was indescribable. It was as if I had put a piece of myself into each instrument, knowing that it had the potential to touch someone’s heart.

What do you want to achieve with Handpan Studio?

Kris: My goal with Handpan Studio is to create unique handpans that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also have a deep emotional resonance. I hope my hand pans can inspire people around the world and make them enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary instrument. It is not only about making music, but also about creating a work of art that leaves a lasting impression.