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Tomas Mazoes Fris / BeatuniQueue – Communications and Sales

BeatuniQue is a multiculturally oriented freestyle rhythm artist from Amsterdam, specializing in playing exotic percussion and mesmerizing Handpan. He has been exploring the healing and unifying power of live improvisation and jam sessions within various genres of (electronic) music, such as house, techno, psytrance and chillout, in club and festival environments in Europe and beyond since 2001. He performs live – solo or together with the most colorful, open-minded and talented musicians and DJs in the current and future scene. BeatuniQue acts and shows can be customized to meet the needs of any event.

BeatuniQue is the musical alter ego of Tomas Mazoes, the initiator of Oasis events and stages since 2012. He organizes multidisciplinary jam sessions between like-minded artists and co-creators, including electronic and live musicians, performers, artists, chefs, poets, philosophers, healers and the public.

Tomas Mazoes Fris / BeatuniQueue – Communications and Sales

Four Questions to Know Tomas Better

Why is the handpan so special to you?
The handpan has played a crucial role in my life for 17 years. From the very first sound, I knew it was a unifying element. Since then, I have been dedicated to connecting people with the enchanting sounds of the handpan.

What do you find most satisfying about your work at Handpan Studio?
The most satisfying is introducing people to the handpan and assisting them in choosing the right instrument. The joy I see when people find their perfect handpan is unparalleled. Bringing this joy is equally fulfilling for me because I realize what magic the instrument can bring.

What is your most memorable memory of the instrument?
My most memorable experience was performing at the Boom and Fusion festival. For me, these events represent the highest form of performance. These moments are indelibly etched in my memory and will never be forgotten.

What do you aim to achieve with Handpan Studio?
With Handpan Studio, I want to spread happiness and music through this instrument. For me, connection is the most powerful aspect between people, and the handpan contributes to that. Handpan Studio is my platform to spread this power and enrich the world with music and happiness.