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How do you rent a handpan?

Want to try the hand pan yourself but would prefer to try it for a month before buying one?

Then renting an instrument will be a nice alternative.

Handpan Studio gives you the opportunity to try the instrument at home for a month for a price of €200.

What you get for this:

🛸 One month a Manu Pan in D Minor with 10 notes.

🛸 Learning package with 14 online videos.

🛸 Handpan softbag so you can take the handpan with you to your friends, a birthday or any other fun place to make music.

🛸 €200 CASHBACK if you purchase an instrument from us after the rental period, no matter which model.

🛸 A safe and convenient box to return the handpan with.

To rent a handpan, you can place it in your shopping cart in our webshop!

Veel gestelde vragen omtrent de huur

The hand pan you get when you rent a hand pan from us is a Manu Pan. This is our beginner’s handpan W.O.D. €1200. Because we want to offer as many handpans as possible as new and our production capacity is not infinite, we have chosen to offer one brand and one key as a rental instrument. This allows us to offer all other models as new at all times. We encourage everyone to really feel what it’s like to have a handpan in their home and not put too much emphasis on which model and key. If you eventually want to purchase one, we invite you into our studio to go pick out THE model for you.

The key of the rental handpans is D Kurd, also called a D minor. The reason is because the D Kurd is the most all-round handpan. Consequently, the D Kurd is the world’s best-selling handpan (or at least we think so!). In addition, you will also find many tutorials online recorded with a D Kurd

Until you receive the handpan at home, we are responsible for having the instrument arrive in good condition. Once in your possession, the handpan falls under your protection and therefore under your responsibility. The hand pan can usually take a beating, but it is still a sensitive instrument. If you drop the hand pan or hit it with a bat, the instrument will detune and we have to retune it. Additional costs will be covered by you. Should the handpan be stolen or beyond repair (never happened before), this is also your responsibility and we will ask you to cover the cost of replacement.

💍 Never play with jewelry

Be careful with moisture: If it does get wet, quickly wipe it off and oil it (you can do this with olive oil).

🌞 Never in the sun: The hand pan can get very hot and thus the steel will expand. The handpan becomes false but will return to original state when cooled. If the handpan is left in the sun all day, it will need to be tuned.

💥 Don’t hit hard: The handpan is an instrument that likes to whisper and have deep conversations, there is no need to play hard anywhere. It will not improve the sound and the instrument will possibly detune (only when struck extremely hard).

💥Do not place on the floor without a cushion or stand. Sand, pebbles and other dirt on the ground can scratch the underside of the handpan. So make sure you set the hand pan to something soft at all times. We recommend placing it on your favorite couch, then the temptation is greatest to play every time you take a seat.

🧳Please do not store the hand pan in the bag, let the steel breathe. The main risk is that if the bag is damp, the instrument may oxidize (rust) more quickly. Use the bag only to transport the instrument. If necessary, you can remove the instrument from the bag and place it on the bag.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦Deel your love for the handpan with others, but be responsible.

❤️Speel the handpan with love and enjoy spending time with this beautiful instrument.

From the time you receive the handpan at home, you have 31 days to return it. For each day you are late in sending, we charge €10. Before you pay in the webshop, you will have to check an option in which you agree to this condition. We handle the receipt and shipment date.

That makes the buying process a lot easier! We prepare an invoice for you and after paying the invoice the handpan is yours ❤️

Handpan Rental

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