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Vote your handpan with us!

Does your hand pan no longer sound as good as it did before? Annoying, but fortunately you can come to us to get your handpan tuned. If you purchased your handpan from us, we give you complete assurance that we can tune it. Within the first year of purchase, we even perform this at no charge as part of the warranty, at least as long as there are no signs of abuse! After the first year, we charge fees ranging from €75 to about €300.

Handpan voting

Just helpful to ask yourself: Did you buy the handpan from us or somewhere else? If you bought it somewhere else, we initially recommend that you bring your handpan by where you bought it. If this is not possible, we would like to try it for you. We charge an additional fee of 50 euros for tuning a handpan from another builder. However, it is important to emphasize that we cannot guarantee the success of voting. We are getting more and more requests for cheap (purchased online) hand pans to be tuned but we still find that they are generally not tunable or harder to tune.

Handpan voting

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